Cancelling my Spotify Premium subscription

I recently read that Lebron James, the man that earned nearly $37 million USD last year from playing professional basketball in the USA and his various endorsements, doesn’t pay for Spotify. If a man with that much money doesn’t feel the need to pay for Spotify Premium, why should I be the sucker that does?

I guess what appealed to me was that if someone with that much money can deal with a few ads while listening to music and forgo the ability to skip tracks, I’m pretty sure that I can too. It’s these small amounts that add up over time which make your journey towards FIRE a little quicker. If I took the $11.99 AUD that I pay each month for Spotify Premium over 20 years and saved it instead, that adds up to just short of $2,900 AUD – no small amount to glance over, and that’s not even considering investment returns if I had invested that money instead!

I’m looking to target these monthly recurring expenses this year to see what else I can cut down on – I’m sure there are other areas where I am paying more that I need to be and can be saving money instead. It’s going to be an interesting year ahead!



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