New year’s resolutions and why I dislike franchise gyms

With the new year in full swing, there are a lot of people at the gym with their new year resolutions to be healthier, fitter, lose weight and what not. Well Fitness First has taken the opportunity to offer a free one week membership to encourage more people to go out and visit their gyms as a marketing campaign to encourage more people to sign up and join them.

Personally, I haven’t been a member of a franchised gym (or any gym with a membership structure) since studying at university – that is over 6 years ago. However, my girlfriend is a member of Fitness First so I decided to take up the opportunity to go to the gym with her for the week since it’s romantic and what not to go and train together (I have absolutely no intention of joining, just abusing their free one week trial really…)

For a lot of people, joining a gym is much easier than having a home gym. There’s all the nice equipment and facilities, mirrors on every single wall to check yourself out and other people as they work out. There’s different classes if you feel like doing some yoga, or spin class. There’s the social aspect of seeing people who you get to know over time since you all go to the gym regularly. Others just don’t have the luxury of space where they live, and therefore can’t build a home gym. However, with the pros, there are also a massive number of cons which include but are not limited to;

  • people insisting on jumping between your sets when you are using a piece of equipment – like holy shit dude, can’t you just wait another couple minutes
  • the biggest guy in the gym who must make it known that he’s in the gym by dropping the weights as loudly as he can – alright bro, we get it, you lift
  • and of course the douchebag that’s so strong and can deadlift 200kg but can’t be stuffed putting the weights back – this one was a bit annoying because my girlfriend needed help removing some weights so she could use a barbell…

All of these just reminded me why I hate these gyms – in my opinion, the cons heavily outweigh all the positive aspects of joining a gym. I’m a pretty simple kind of guy – I just want to go do my workout and get out. Because of that, I decided over 6 years ago that I wanted to just train at home since I had the the space at home and I hated dealing with all of the above. I can’t remember the numbers I crunched then, but it worked out to be worth it so I decided to take the plunge. Now 6 years on, I can say I’m very happy with my home gym, and I can do just about any exercise that I chose to in my home gym that I can in a franchised one. The good thing with your home gym is that,  the membership money you save by not joining a franchised gym, you can put towards bettering your own gym by making small improvements over time. Buying more dumbbells, or specific pulley attachments, or certain weight plates just to name a few…

I was curious as to how much it would cost to be a member at Fitness First – their cheapest plan is $23 per week which adds up to about $1,200 a year. Over a 20 year period, that’s more than $20,000 spent on a gym membership! That’s a hefty sum of money that I think would be much better spent on paying down debt or saving and investing in my opinion! I haven’t even talked about all the bullshit you would need to deal with over those 20 years!


2 thoughts on “New year’s resolutions and why I dislike franchise gyms

  1. I prefer a gym franchise but in interest of saving money, haven’t been to one in two years.

    I work shift work so I go mid morning and end up doing weights with whole gym to myself or a couple of older ladies.

    Have basic setup at home, still want a treadmill to pop up on a used buy and sell page though.


    1. Thanks for the comment!

      I have similarly tried going to the gym early but given there aren’t that many gyms where I work, everyone from the nearby offices ends up going to those gyms. No matter how early, can’t seem to beat the rush!

      Good luck with your treadmill hunt – I’m sure you’ll find one!

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