Monthly portfolio update – February 2019

Another month down, another month closer to FIRE! This month was a has personally been a bit tough for me. I broke up with my now ex-girlfriend over issues that I think have been rearing their heads for a while – let’s just say I saw the light and don’t think that she is compatible not only with the type of lifestyle I want, but also my pursuit of personal ambitions (which are non financial related). I truly believe if a person who really wanted the relationship to work out would be supportive of you and not make you choose via ultimatums, so let’s just leave it at that. It’s tough because we still have feelings for each other and you always think maybe if we were under different circumstances all our issues would all go away – wishful thinking I guess.

I might be posting a little less over the coming couple months because I am locking down and studying for my CFA Level III exam, which is in June. I will still post these monthly portfolio updates, but very likely I will stop doing the other posts because that time is better spent studying – I do not want to fail and wait another year to do the exam!

Anyway, on to the numbers for this month.


  • Cash: $1,321.61
  • Shares: $35,051.77
  • Mutual Funds: $11,793.91
  • Cryptocurrency: $6,865.80
  • Real Estate: $1,034,000
  • Superannuation: $42,326.79
  • TOTAL: $1,131,359.88 (vs.1,129,229.32 last month)


  • HECS: $12,466.96
  • Mortgage 1 (PPoR): $282,365.02
  • Mortgage 2 (IP): $382,222.42
  • TOTAL: $677,054.40 (vs. $677,439.64 last month)

Net Worth

  • $454,305.48 (vs. $451,789.68 last month or +0.56%)

In summary, it’s good news is that it’s green all around – assets increased, liabilities decreased and net worth increased. Bad news is that it’s as if I barely paid off any money into the mortgages. It’s a reduction of not even $400 for the month.

In hindsight and consideration, I have been spending a bit more than usual – the car registration and insurance was due this month. Water bill was due this month. I spent a bit more than I wanted on the now ex-girlfriend as I tried to salvage the relationship. It was my mothers birthday also so I treated her and some family to dinner.

With all of this going on and I was still in the green, I can’t really complain. Onwards and upwards!


12 thoughts on “Monthly portfolio update – February 2019

  1. Hey mate, I am a new reader. Found you via twitter.
    I have been through the whole (possibly) inconsiderate ex. I was actually engaged at one point in time but thank God I never married that woman… I was pressured into that one… hard to explain. You have to find someone who suits your lifestyle. It took me a while, I’m 27 now and recently married with a child on the way (single low income – still trying to reach fire)… things happen fast! But… you need to have someone who will listen and agree with what you say. My wife and I are on the same page. We both like living the very low cost of living lifestyle. It suits us well in rural SA.

    I’ve had many ex’s in my time. But seriously….. once you find someone who is compatible with you lifestyle and the way you want to live your life in the future you will know. That makes it an easy decision.

    Anyway, enough of a sob story. Keep that net worth increasing, that’s amazing. You’re killing me!

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    1. Thanks for sharing your story! Glad to know that I’m not the only one that’s gone through this and it brings peace to my mind knowing one can come out the other end of it all fine (perhaps even better!)


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  2. Sorry to hear about the breakup but it sounds like it’s going to be for the best for both of you even if it doesn’t necessarily feel like it at the moment.

    Best of luck with Level 3 CFA, I got given a choice of studying for CFA or CAIA as continuing education for a job a while back and went with CAIA instead. As it turns out CFA would have been a better choice long term but no way I’m going to do that now!


  3. Sorry to hear about the breakup. It’s always difficult when both partners are not on the same page, especially so when it comes to finance.

    Good luck with your studies. I’ve heard the CFA exam is tough but the knowledge stays with you forever, and the qualification will open doors in the future.


    1. Thank you – yes the CFA is very tough but I will be glad it’s over once I pass level 3. I would rather get it done and out of the way to keep those doors open than leave it until later in life when I have a family and/or kids and struggle to find the free time to study.

      Also in a similar situation to you, being asset rich and cashflow poor so I will be following your blog closely to any tips you use to improve your situation! I love being part of this community – everyone is so supporting and open to sharing and helping each other.


  4. Second new reader reporting on this blogpost. Shame to hear about your personal situation. Sometimes these things happen, better early then later on.

    Those are some nice assets you’ve got going on here. Am I reading correctly that you have over $1m in real estate?


    1. Hi – thanks for stopping by. Yes, that is correct, although I had a lot of help to get there. I’ve basically gotten an early inheritance however am still very much in debt (i.e. I have title to the house but I am paying off my parents mortgage for various reasons).

      You can say I’m asset rich but cash flow poor!


  5. I’m sorry about the breakup. That’s never fun. But the good news is that these issues bubbled to the surface, you were able to figure out a solution, and now start the moving on process before it was too late. Better to figure this out now than after marriage. But don’t worry, what you will see is that there are SO many people that will be compatible with your lifestyle and this post/comment will be a thing in the past. Financially, on top of it, look at all the positive you had in NW despite some of the negative offsetting items this month.

    Bert, One of the Dividend Diplomats


    1. Thank you – yes I agree that is the positive that comes out of such a situation. It’s always hard because I see so many of my friends happily married and with kids at my age however they are not pursuing FIRE so different lifestyle I guess.

      Onwards and upwards from here I hope in terms of NW and progress towards FIRE.


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