Monthly portfolio update – March 2019

Sorry, I’m a little late this month – these months are going quick! I’ve just been keeping to myself the past month and really focusing hard on studying for my upcoming CFA exam in June. I really do not want to fail it and wait another year to complete it so it’s pretty much all hands on deck there.

I’m going to start using a slightly different format because it’s easier and quicker for me to do it this way since I’m going to be doing this on a monthly basis I want it to be easy and not a chore, but also present the numbers in a way that’s going to be meaningful and useful. If you have any further suggestions, I’d like to hear them in the comments section!

So without wasting any more time, straight into the numbers for this month.


So the overarching themes this month are;

  • Real estate values continue to drop as per market expectations. This does not worry me as I will hold both properties and have no plans on selling. If I don’t sell, who cares what the value is?
  • I cashed out some of the money sitting in my paypal account from selling junk around the house, hence the big increase in cash. I really recommend making a habit of selling things that you no longer need or use – I’ve made over $400 the past 60 days selling stuff nobody wants anymore around the house and it’s really surprising what people are willing to buy.
  • I managed to pay down a more decent amount on the mortgages this month, which is great. Stuff you debt!

Overall, a positive net worth month so we continue onwards and upwards! Alright, back to study for me.

Catch you next month.



8 thoughts on “Monthly portfolio update – March 2019

    1. I must say I was surprised at the stuff that people are buying off me – I’ve not yet watched that Marie Kondo show in Netflix but I have just naturally been getting rid of stuff that I or the family no longer need/use.

      Thank you for the kind words – hope I pass when June comes around!



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