Monthly portfolio update – April 2019

Alright – quick and dirty this month because I am still studying for my CFA exam (40 days to go, and feeling the pressure). I’ve clocked about 500 hours at this point but I am determined to pass on the first attempt as opposed to wait another year so I am full steam ahead for the final month and a bit. Perhaps I will make a few posts to share my experience after it is done (if there is any interest in it of course). It’s been a great learning experience for me and probably the hardest thing I’ve done my entire life to date.

Anyway, into numbers;


I have (again) changed the format of my spreadsheet a bit, but I think this looks cleaner and is quicker for me to maintain on a monthly basis. There some conditional formatting with colors to make it look pretty and highlight to me at a quick glance what’s changed significantly.

  • Real estate values continue to drop, and that has led to a significant downfall in my net worth this month (down A$7,000). As per last month, I don’t really care because I plan to hold.
  • Similarly, cryptocurrency has also dropped off (down A$3,000 almost). This one hurts a little more because I have a very small part of my portfolio held in cryptocurrency as a speculative investment (meaning I thought that it was going to be going up). Hopefully it recovers again like it did previously, but I’m happy to leave it where it is.
  • Combined, the above 2 categories decreased my net worth by approximately A$10k, which is pretty much the biggest reason numbers are down this month. Outside of that, I have pretty much increased across the board so I can’t really be too unhappy because the factors I can control I did, and if it was not for the markets having a terrible month, it would have been another increase in net worth. Fingers crossed they rally back twice as hard to make it all back next month!

Back to the books! Catch you next month.


6 thoughts on “Monthly portfolio update – April 2019

  1. Hey mate, just discovered your website and enjoyed scrolling through. Love the transparency with your networth and figures. I’m in a similar position to yourself and I too also track my networth using a spreadsheet. What tool/app/method do you use to estimate the present value of your properties? Cheers in advance, Matty


    1. Thanks for dropping by! I use I use (not affiliated with them, but just found their website useful).

      If you type in the address of your property, it will come up with an estimated range in value – I take the low end of the range to be conservative.



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