Monthly portfolio update – May 2019

Hello! I am alive!

My apologies for the late post – I has been busy studying for my CFA exam and have just completed the exam a few hours ago so now have time to write on this blog again! 🙂

Here is my May 2019 portfolio update*


It looks a lot more positive than it actually is because the numbers were taken as of today, and we are halfway through June. I did receive a bonus from work this year (although the financial year is not yet over) – I plan to move the majority of this into paying down PPOR mortgage because as I have noted in the past, I have way too much debt – if you want to know why I’m in so much debt, find out in one of my older posts here.

Anyway, a few rough points;

  • Assets up overall, mainly driven by cash because as I mentioned above, I received a bonus from work;
  • Real estate values continue to drop – this was already mentioned last post but as I plan to hold, I do not care;
  • Crypto had some life early in May and June, but seems to continue to fall;
  • Liabilities overall down, which is a positive!;
  • So overall, it’s GREAT! Assets up, liabilities down, so we are tackling an increase of net worth on both ends!

Also, I wanted to see if people had any suggestions on what they’d like to see from my on this blog aside from monthly portfolio updates. I like writing about finance because it’s engaging and makes me think, and I’m more than happy to share my personal thoughts or experience on various subjects. If you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments below!

Bye for now.

*Note that the numbers are skewed because we are halfway into June and I can’t be bothered looking back to find their actual values on each date of my portfolio holdings.


7 thoughts on “Monthly portfolio update – May 2019

  1. Just wanted to say good luck on the exam! I remember being given a choice between doing CFA or CAIA for work a long time ago, I went with the easier one (CAIA) and am very glad I didn’t have to do the harder one!

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