Monthly portfolio update – June 2019

Well here we are – another month down! My last portfolio update was not that long ago because I had updated the blog late because I was busy studying the CFA exam.

Now that we are at the end of June, I wanted to get back into the groove of posting things on time. Before we get into the numbers, the last update I posted was 15 days ago, so really the changes that you see in the numbers below are for the 15 days that have passed as opposed to the full month of June.


As you can see, net worth was down so in number terms it doesn’t look great – however;

  • I went on a snow trip to Perisher with a few friends over one weekend for some snowboarding. I didn’t really manage my budget there because I wanted to enjoy a little bit there – the whole trip probably cost around $700-800;
  • I moved a some of spare cash into the mortgages and as you can see I have reduced the PPoR mortgage quite a bit. I’m happy with this, as this stays true to my goal of reducing debt and I am trying to do that aggressively;
  • I’ve got some cash that’s sitting in the Self Wealth account that isn’t shown here in the numbers. I am preparing to buy more stock as they go ex-dividend end of June and they generally drop in price when they go ex-dividend. I use this opportunity to buy stock every quarter – it’s not really timing the market, but it does mean I have strategically thought about the best way of investing into the market on a regular basis. Whether this actually leads to benefits or not in the long run I have no idea;
  • The timing of the update also doesn’t serve it justice as it’s really showing the changes over half a month rather than a whole month. If I look at the big picture (which people should think about doing sometimes), over the last two months I have increased by net work by $8k. That’s a pretty solid increase for my standards.

Anyway, I like to keep it short and sweet, so that’s pretty much it. Thanks for dropping by! Always appreciate the readers that spend time out of their busy schedules to read my posts.


4 thoughts on “Monthly portfolio update – June 2019

  1. Congratulations on the increase in net worth, great to see.

    I’m not sure about your rationale on waiting for the stocks to drop in price when they go ex dividend given that the reason for the drop is that you are no longer entitled to the dividend? Unless there is a difference between the amount of the drop and the amount of the dividend (includign franking credits) then they’re more or less the same thing?


    1. Agreed it’s not exactly right, but I feel as though I’d rather the cheaper price to allow me to accumulate more units every time I invest, so the compounding effect will be greater over time.

      The difference of 1 extra share compounded over 15-20 years each time I purchase would make a difference. Not sure if it’s exactly correct but it makes sense in my mind.


  2. Nice work EasyPeasyFire, and hope you’re enjoying all that extra free time now that the CFA exam has passed!

    From your portfolio page it looks like your share investments are all in the Vanguard Diversified High Growth Index ETF (VDHG) – what made you choose this one, and any plans to add any other shares? And are you hoping to eventually make shares a bigger proportion of the portfolio, or will real estate be the biggest source of passive income?

    Cheers, Frankie


    1. Initially I was too scared to get into LICs because at a point in the it seemed as though Labor was getting into government so I chose VDHG because it was diversified, self rebalancing and easy to manage.

      I know the most optimal way would be to get into LICs that have DSSP for tax benefits, but I have not yet actioned this because I’ve been focusing on paying down debt aggressively.

      I eventually would like real estate and shares to make up 50% each for diversification purposes.


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