Easy Peasy FIRE is a personal blog that I have built and maintained to share my experiences and learnings as a mid-twenties male living in Sydney, Australia. The focus of this blog will be the pursuit of financial independence and potentially early retirement. This blog has an Australian focus and will hopefully provide useful insight, tips, strategies and be a place of discussion for those looking to become financially free within Australia.

I have started this blog near the beginning of my journey in pursuing ‘FIRE’, so you will be able to follow me for the entire journey should you choose to follow my story 🙂

As always with any ‘finance blog’ nothing here is advice or a recommendation – we are simply sharing our thoughts, experiences and learnings with you and are not responsible for any losses or damages incurred should you decide to act upon this information. It’s best to seek out a professional who can provide you with advice for your personal situation (because I certainly can’t!).